Art Gallery Visit for Clemente Campbelltown Students


A fabulous morning was had by all as we explored the ways in which the techniques and subject matter of paintings mirror the ways in which writers produce their poetry, drama and fiction. Much discussion ensued about the ways in which painters produced textures through their brush strokes, colour contrasts and thickness of paint. This was compared to the ways in which poets use alliteration, consonants, vowels and density of word choice (in sound and meaning) to create texture.

Most important was the idea that painting, like literature, often tells a story. Here the similarity between the two modes of creativity was seen to be strongest.

Here are a few of the images that we explored on the day:


This is John Hoppner “Mademoiselle Hilligsberg” 1791-click for more information. 


This is Ford Madox Brown “Chaucer at the Court of Edward III” 1847.– click for more information. IMG_2878

This is Franciesco Xanto Avelli’s “An Allegory of the Sack of Rome” 1530- click for more information.


This is Jacques Blanchard “Mars and the Vestal Virgin” 1600- click for more information. IMG_8454

This is Jan an Bijiert’s “Girl with a Flute”- 1630– click for more information.


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