Oscar Wilde and the End of the 19th Century

David Suchet in the role of Lady Bracknell brings Oscar Wilde’s satire of the British upper classes into a powerful focus. She is so much of the age of surfaces that anything she says or does is a complete parody of who she might think she is.


Take a look at this interview with Suchet on his role in this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/theatre/11690769/David-Suchet-interview-for-Lady-Bracknell-This-could-be-end-of-my-career.html

This play, while mocking deeply at the tribal customs of the late Victorians, has, at its heart, a wish to point the human race in the right direction: away from fraud, hypocrisy and such indecent preoccupation with material realities.

This week’s (the last) blog question(s) is either,

1/ write whether you agree or disagree with the last paragraph in this blog, or,

2/ assuming the role of Oscar Wilde, say in a paragraph or so what you were trying to illustrate about the way of life of the rich in late Victorian society, or,

3/ In a short letter tell a friend why you really like someone’s name and how that has helped you decide who will be your long-term partner.



Audio Lecture and Tutorial Week 11:


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