Clemente Campbelltown 2018! Final Session: thank you!

Thank you all for being such a wonderful responsive group during the last 12 weeks. Our work together bringing Antony and Cleopatra to life with all your diverse talents will live with me for a long time- and the comments by Bell Shakespeare Company: “a privilege to be invited to come”- will also live with me! Thank you Antony, Cleo, Enobarbus, Philo, Charmian, Octavius… and especially that ubiquitous Messenger- thank you all (and anyone that I might have inadvertently missed!


Here now is our combined effort in discussing all the genres of literature in our summative, comparative conversation. I hope you find all of this useful for your final take-home exam- due on June 12th. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on these questions:

And here are some of the white-board “sayings” produced by all of you! Hoping that they help you add content to your listening of our last session – and hoping to see many of you again- maybe even at a graduation! Click on each image to enlarge it!

Good wishes


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