Hi, everyone. This is my final blog post as an ACU student. I will be discussing how the human and artistic concerns of the Shakespearean despite language differences are similar to our own concerns; the response to those concerns- given by poets, novelists, dramatists and artists- can help us live fuller, more meaningful and creative lives in our own times. I will also be discussing my experience of the module, my best critical and creative blogs and finally my experience of university as an international student in ACU.

Firstly, when choosing this unit, I did not expect to be able to relate the Shakespearean world to the world we are living in today. Many of the issues outlined in Shakespeare’s works can be identified in the world we live in. War and politics are common themes which runs through the three plays we examined throughout the semester. Also, the love between the characters and the lengths they are willing to go to be with that person are also relatable to the world we are living in today.

When choosing this module, I did not know what to expect. Although, I studied Shakespeare in school I did not feel confident reading or analysing Shakespeare’s works. From the very first lecture in ACU I felt more confident. The tutorials forced me to think about what was happening in the plays and allowed me to understand what was happening in the plays.  From Antony and Cleopatra to the Tempest I have really enjoyed every moment of this module. The main highlight of this this unit was the visit to the Shakespeare room in the New South Wales library. I feel so lucky that I have seen a first folio of Shakespeare’s works. Also, the visit to the Opera House topped off our day at the library. Being an international student, I have always wanted to see the Opera House but I got the chance to see a play which was amazing!

I have really enjoyed writing the blogs and peer reviews. They have made me dig deeper into Shakespeare’s plays. The peer reviews were helpful as the feedback I got from other people helped me to improve my writing and also gave me a different view on the topic. My best creative blog examines both painting of Jesus Christ. this allowed me to examine the different meanings of the same event. The first painting by Giulio Cesare Procaccini paints a sad depiction of the death of Jesus while the second painting Prospero Fontana portrays a celebration of the life of Christ. My best critical blog discusses what I think Bottom is trying to describe in his dream. I believe that Bottom cannot explain what happened.

The experience of living in Australia has been brilliant. I have been lucky enough to visit places I never thought I would see. I have enjoyed my time as a student of ACU. It has given me the opportunity to experience a different education system. I have gained a lot of knowledge on Shakespearean literature which will help me in my final year of university. To finish off I have really enjoyed this unit and I can’t thank Michael enough.

I hope everybody has enjoyed reading my blog,

Thank you Owen- (and Emily!!)