Best OZ Lit Blogs- First Run!


Students completing Australian Literature as a first year subject at ACU have the opportunity to write a weekly blog in either a creative or critical mode. They chose from a range of topics that reflects the reading for the week and that interfaces with their own experience.  The work produced in this genre is outstanding and astonishing. Students take to this activity like surfers on a perfect wave! It is a joy to watch them producing their blogs in word and image. Here are a few of the best from the first trawl through their work in the early weeks of semester:

Best Blog on the topic: Describe the landscape that you love best and say what it is about the landscape that really draws you to it. Can you maybe also suggest why you think (from your own history and background) this landscape above all others captures your imagination, your Whole Being?:

My Grandfather – thank you Elora

Best Blog on the topic: Which artwork did you find most meaningful and/or enjoyable? Give a verbal description of the work (include a visual image if you can). You can approach this task either as a CRITICAL or CREATIVE blog. You can create an Ekphrastic poem or prose piece or you can give an analytical description.

Russell Drysdale– thank you Nicola

Best Blog on the topic: (Critical) Find a story in the media in the last two weeks that sheds light on the continuing difficulties faced by Indigenous communities in our country. Write a brief commentary on the story you have chosen. Can you offer any solutions to the dilemma as you see it.

Makarrata=  thank you Sandra….

And so many more… but that is the cream of the crop for now! Enjoy.


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