Samuel Beckett- Abstract Artist in Words…

Today we explored the ways in which Samuel Beckett continues the work of Modernists such as Virginia Woolf (“I want to sink deeper and deeper away from the surface” The Mark on the Wall) and T.S. Eliot (“Words after speech reach into the silence” Four Quartets) in his, Beckett’s quest to bring the art of text into alignment with the art of abstractionI made the analogy between the early work of expressionist Franz Marc and his later work, which shifted significantly from painting known objects (horses, tigers) into pure abstraction. This is the kind of shift we see in Beckett whose fundamental concern was to find freedom from formal constraints so that his art could approach the transmission or the representation of BEING in its purest form.

Here is today’s Audio Lecture:

Blog Topics (for those who need to catch up):

Respond in whatever way you wish to today’s offering. What kind of sense do you make out of Beckett’s creations? Can you write a brief comment on any of the Beckett videos presented today.


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