Tutorial Day 6: Waitress, The MET and Harlem’s Gospel Service

James began our session today with a lively discussion on Waitress with a particular interest in whether you saw this Broadway stage version to be a reduction of the force  found in the film. In the discussion there was a real sense that many of you thought that the play version was sentimentalizing a brutal and painful story. So here is how the discussion went: the first half hour was your discussion with James, the second half hour rolled into a discussion with myself on the links between the art we have been exploring and the literature. The discussion threads are illustrated in the slides below: your thoughts should all be audible on this recording. The session finished with listening to your responses to that amazing Gospel Mass that we were lucky enough to be part of yesterday morning…. thank you all for your heartfelt responses to all these questions: you are a great bunch!!!

Here is the audio from the tutorial…. followed by Eric’s input:

tutorial day 5.001tutorial day 5.002tutorial day 5.003tutorial day 5.004tutorial day 5.005tutorial day 5.006tutorial day 5.007

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