Tutorial Day 8: True West, Whitman, Crane and Brooklyn….

Hello all, please find the recording here for our lively discussion on True West and our reflections on the way our walk around Brooklyn and over Brooklyn Bridge enhanced our understanding of these two amazing poets- so different and yet so switched on to the underlying meaning in their experiences of place.  Click on each item for a closer look.

With James we discussed deeply what the title of True West might mean. Is this a radical challenge to all the idealisations of the West that are such a strong part of the American sense of its own identity.  There was much to say about this, spearheaded by James’ incisive questions!

We then looked in a more focussed way on those quote lines from Whitman and Hart Crane in the images above, and their some wonderful insights into how actually being there “on location” truly did deepen your sense and understanding of what these poets were trying to communicate through the creative moulding of their words, sounds and images. Thank you all for this great tutorial!

Sound recording of our session is here:

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