Day 9: Wrap up of the course/ discussion on Book of Mormon/ Harlem/ Central Park/Group Meal out/ Carnegie Hall: Sounds of the American Century

Wow! What an amazing day! And we are still standing- because of inclement weather we had to squeeze a number of items into this, our last day in New York:

First here is our wrap up discussion and our reflections o the Book Of Mormon -Go James!

Then we had a number of tour stops with readings in Harlem and Central Park:

The day finished with a group meal and with a number of us peeling off to a variety of events. I took a group of 8 to Carnegie Hall to witness an amazingly energetic concert: Sounds of the American Century. The concert was a spectacular closure to the themes we have been exploring in literature and drama for the last 10 days. The space is one of the world’s best acoustic halls and tonight you could hear every instrument like a bell. It was an extrordinarly invigorating experience! Thank you all for being such a great group of eager participants during the last 10 days. See you all back in Aus.

PS- more videos to come with Eric and Merissa- when I get a fast internet connection!

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