Clemente OZ Lit 2019 Mount Druitt

Hello All, it was really good to start to get to know all of you yesterday: Vivian, Honeylene, Malia, Laura, Jeff, Suzanne, Heather, Jenny, Claire, Rita, Joseph, Julie, Geoffrey…. Peter…. I hope I have not left anyone out!

We got off to a good start with our discussions on some poems by Indigenous poets who have suffered the impact of being part of the Stolen Generation. We also looked at the art work of Margaret Preston and Russell Drysdale and we started looking at the poetry of Judith Wright. You can find all the images that we used in the lecture in LEO (just near to where you found this link).

For now, this is where I have posted up the audio recordings from Monday’s session:

Here now are some ideas for your first blog topic for this coming week.

1/ Take any one of the answers you gave to questions raised in the lecture and polish your answers into a blog of around 200 words. Make sure that your spelling and grammar is “up to scratch”. You can get your learning partners to help you with this.

2/ Write a short poem or prose piece about your experience of beginning a new course. What does it feel like to be in a class of “strangers”? What insights and experiences came to you as a result of being in the class for 2 hours?

3/ Tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are, why you are studying Oz Lit? What brought you to the Clemente program. You can include a photo (of your place or yourself) if you wish….

Remember that Blogs are Public – so only post what you are comfortable with.


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