Nineteenth Century Literature- the Context of the Visual Arts: Enlightenment… Romanticism… Victorianism….

Art Gallery Quiz Questionnaire2019

HI All, we had an amazing experience this Wednesday, exploring the art of the Enlightenment, followed by the art of Romanticism (both in Europe and Australia) and then the art of the Victorian Era. These paintings depict many of the social and historical contexts and obsessions of the late 18th and 19th Centuries. Of particular interest is the way that the art of early Australia was such a powerful expression of the Romanticism that was sweeping England as well as Europe. Here in Australia (if you could close your eyes to the horrors of Convictism) there was an unspoilt world that had not been destroyed by industry in the way that Europe had.

Here are the audio tours in which you gave so many great insights into the works we discussed:

There is a  study sheet for you to download and print (from LEO) or from right here. I have also posted up here a number of the key works that we will be exploring. The questions in the study guide are designed to help you make sense of what you are looking at and to help you relate the paintings and art works to the preoccupations of the late 18th and 19th Centuries in poetry, fiction and drama. It is important to work through the questions with your team mates, but the most important thing is to enjoy the experience, and to come away with a deeper sense of what life in this period was actually like.

I could add two simple questions to the range of questions on the study guide and these would be:

  1. What is this painting/ art work telling me about human experience during the 18/19th Century? (Can you describe what is going on in the painting/ art work in as much detail as possible?)
  1. What is special about the way this painting is telling  its story? (Is it the colour,  the texture, the originality, the point of view?)

Your quiz this week will have some questions that are directly related to this art gallery visit. You will find some specific clues in the Questionnaire.  Enjoy!

Here are some of the paintings that we will be stopping by:

The Enlightenment: 


Romanticism in England and Europe: 

1/ John Glover: The Lake District UK: Ullswater 1824 (painted before he migrated to Tasmania.


Australian Romanticism

John Glover: Natives on the Ouse River 1838


John Glover: Launceston and the River Tamar 1832


The Victorian Hall



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