Clemente Mount Druitt- Week 8: Lawson revisited

Dear All,

we had a very useful day yesterday brainstorming all the requirements for your up-coming essay. And thank you to our learning partners for being there to amplify all the input. Here is the audio and the various links to the materials presented in class:

You will find that the audio also covers some more additional input on our amazing author Henry Lawson.

There are no blog topics this week. It is time to begin working towards your essay. The full version of your topic, together with a few helpful bits and pieces is presented below.

Essay Topic:

Chose any one of the authors we have looked at so far this semester. Choose any one of their works that we have looked at (poem or prose piece). Describe in as much critical detail as you can what you think the “work” is saying and explain in as much critical detail as you can what makes the “work” a piece of literature.

Is it powerful? beautiful? thought provoking? inspirational? challenging? original? innovative? You don’t have to address each of these possible qualities. These are just some ideas to set your thoughts moving.

When you are 2/3 of the way through your word length, then spend the remaining 1/3 of your work length writing a short creative piece that imitates the “work” you have been writing about critically.


You should be able to discuss the work in terms of its literary effectiveness: what is it in the language of the work you have chosen that makes it powerful? beautiful? thought provoking? inspirational? challenging? original? innovative? (as said you do not need to cover all these elements). You should also be able to discuss the work as part of the historical context in which the work was created. For all this you will need to do a little on-line research on the author’s life and historical context.

For all this, and with reference to the assessment criteria you should find at least one peer reviewed journal article (from the ACU Library on-line database) that discusses the author you have chosen in a way that is relevant to the work you have decided to explore.

The essay should contain an introduction that sets out your plan (150 words; a body that covers the elements above in 3 or for steps (at least one paragraph for each step) (450 words- 150 words/ paragraph); a conclusion that summarizes your findings(150 words). = total 750 words.

The remaining 250 words is to give you a creative opportunity to attempt to imitate the style of the author you have chosen. This can be one of the best ways to understand how an author uses language to create their work. You will be able to use this component of the assignment as one of your blogs.

MLA Quick Reference Guide from ACU Study Guide (1)

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