The Beats & Postmodernism


I hope you have enjoyed exploring, interrogating this group of poets and artists. Perhaps top of the list, in my estimation, comes Patti Smith who gigantically carries forward the subversive, passionate impulse of Ginsberg, Kerouac, O’Hara and Ashberry. Here she is singing her heart out, challenging all the heartless stereotypes that infect contemporary America:


Blog Topics for weeks 9-11:

From today’s massive, subversive and powerfully creative world of the Beats and beyond which artist and/or writer inspired you most? Which unresolved question did they bring to stir your imagination? Which innovation in language, in image most struck your sense of what was powerful and new.

If you wish to write your last blog topic on any one of these authors then shape your question around the group of questions I have mentioned above, or take any one of them and work with it.

Alternatively, try imitating any one of the poems or prose texts that you have read for this week. See whether their creativity has kindled something new in your own imagination.

Have fun!


Here finally is the discussion you should all watch where Ginsberg argues the case for the kind of language that he uses in his poetry.

This is not to be missed!!! You could for your blog actually do a brief synopsis of the key ideas that are put forward in this discussion – Go For It!!!-

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  1. October 14, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Oh how I would love to do this class again. Ginsberg is such an inspiration to most of my poetry. I am currently looking for information into his time here in Australia. Not too much written about it but so interesting.

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