Art Gallery of NSW “Virtual” tour of Enlightenment/ Romantic/ Victorian Art and its links with Literature of the Age.

Hello All, here you can find the slides we used for our Zoom lecture (available in LEO) and you can also find an audio version of the same lecture (in 2 parts) – enjoy!

In the tutorial this week we looked closely at the way Shelley, both in his poetry and his prose exemplified the Romantic’s belief in the divine power of poetry, connecting the human spirit through landscape to the creative force in the universe. Shelley’s ideas in his “Preface” give voice to this amazingly optimistic point of view that it is the poetic imagination, the way of seeing the world through the lense of poetry, that can undermine the mechanistic ways of seeing that have brought the planet to its knees. See the poet Adrienne Rich on this topic at

Lecture Part 1 30/3/2020
Lecture Part II 30/30/20
Week 5 Tutorial on Coleridge & Shelley…

Blog Topics arising from the Art Gallery visit:

1/ Which painting made the strongest impression on you and how did it amplify your understanding of any of the literary themes that we have been exploring.

2/ Ekphrastic writing: In words (either poetry or prose) vividly describe one of the paintings that you saw on our virtual tour of the gallery last week.

Please remember that all your blogs will have to be submitted through Turnitin at the end of the semester and any direct copying from any source will be recognized – this will be deemed plagiarism.

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