The Winter’s Tale 2020

This is one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays that brings into focus the talent that enabled him to show the world how art could be redemptive. This is the story of chaos created by human emotions (jealousy in particular here) and the way that art can be an agent in resolving some of the pain created by madness. Enjoy our next two weeks together on this play.

Here for your interest is a useful pdf resource:

Lecture on The Winter’s Tale 20/04/2020
Tutorial on The Winter’s Tale 20/04/2020


1/ Write a short review of the production features of the first half of Kenneth Branagh’s production of The Winter’s Tale.

2/Critically review the casting decisions made by the Branagh production of The Winter’s Tale. In other words, how well were the decisions made on the actors who played the key roles.

3/ Write a short script that depicts a man or woman collapsing in a rage of jealousy.

4/ Write a review of Marcia Williams’ “translation” of The Winter’s Tale into a comic book version.

5/ Critically compare a short passage of prose with a short passage of poetry in The Winter’s Tale and comment on why you think Shakespeare modulated between these two genres within his play.

Zoom recording of second lecture on The Winter’s Tale 27/4/2020- there is an audio version of this in LEO. – please let me know if you wish me to remove this video from my blog….

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