The Early Twentieth Century

Blog Topics for Week 3 – Based on Weeks One and Two


The Early Twentieth Century- Introduction to the 20th Century & Gerard Manley Hopkins 

Chose any one topic for this week. Be creative, concise and edit your work carefully! Enjoy

1/ Take the first line of any one of Hopkins’ poems and write your own poem celebrating the arrival of Spring in your part of the world. Try to incorporate some of Hopkins’s amazing experimentation with language texture especially with sounds.

2/ “There lives the dearest freshness deep down things” (God’s Grandeur)

“Selves – goes itself; myself it speaks and spells” (“As kingfishers catch fire”)

Hopkins’ poetry seems to want to plummet down into the core of things, of human beings: why does he want to do this?

3/Describe an experience in your own life where you seem to have touched something much deeper than your ordinary everyday experience.

4/ An ekphrastic poem is a poem that vividly describes a painting, such as X.J. Kennedy’s poem “Nude Descending a Staircase”  (refer to slides for lecture in Week 2). Try to write your own ekphrastic poem with reference to any one of the paintings shown to you during lectures in the first two weeks. Include an image of the painting in your blog.

5/ To “….compel men entranced by the sight of distant goals to glance for a moment at the surrounding vision of form and colour, of sunshine and shadows; to make them pause for a look , for a sigh, for a smile…” Do you think this is a noble aim for any kind of artist (novelist, poet, musician, painter)? Discuss in a short paragraph.

Spring-time in the bush around Sydney is upon us!!!!


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