Best Blogs 19th Century Literature 2021- Round 1!

Excellent Peer Reviews:

It will be noted that reviews that suggest improvement are well received and have in fact led to improvement in subsequent blogs. Allow some space for your peer to improve- no one’s work is perfect!

An excellent peer review, that combines support, insight and gentle recommendations for improvement= thank you Sarah Saud:

Another excellent peer review which blends appreciation with useful, practical hints for improvement= Sarah Vella

Great Blogs

Best entry on “My experience in nature that has given me a sense of meaning that is beyond books – thank you Sarah Vella\

One of the best reflections on the power of nature- thank you Emilee McNaught:

Beautiful celebration of the significance of this “romantic” painting as a stepping stone between literary and artistic periods. – thank you Charlotte Alphonso

Great challenge to Dorothy Wordsworth’s style of writing – thank you Vanessa Mitchell

William Blake’s “The Garden of Love” tellingly rewritten by Hana Ghardirli- thank you

A great entry on Tintern Abbey- thank you Menae Niotis

Another excellent entry on Tintern Abbey from someone who was brought up near the area- thank you Chloe Anne Dixon:

A powerful exploration of the links between literature and the visual arts- thank you Sarah Vella:

An excellent celebration of why Mary Wollstonecraft still needs to be listened to by women in today’s society- thank you Maria Khattar:

An amazing entry on Nature’s Power – thank you Isabel Toma

An astonishingly sophisticated poem inspired by Wordsworth’s appreciation of nature: thank you Mariama Biro Saibou

Best challenge by Dorothy of her brother’s writing- thank you Zahra Salami:

Thank you Mariama Biro Saibou – another wonderful presentation of Dorothy Wordsworth’s view of her brother’s writings:

An extraordinary blend of visual images with a poem about Jenolan Caves-  thank you Frances Saad

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