Grand Finalé for Nineteenth Century ePortfolios for 2021.

Best ePortfolio Summative Entries ENGL200 2021

Andrew Carloss

Read Andrew’s  fabulous reflection and powerfully illustrated piece on how we in this digital age need to take on board the insights of the Romantics and the Russians in order to survive as human beings!

Read Emilee McNaught’s reflections on how her experience is mirrored in the lives of those described in the literature of the 19th Century:

Here are Sarah Saud’s powerful reflections on what she has learnt from the 19th Century, especially from the early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft:

Don’t miss Jack Clarke’s thoughts on the astonishing differences but also the deep continuities between our own times and the 19th Century. Jack has the perspective of someone who has worked in the legal field in this outstanding entry.

 Here is Andrea Deller’s vivid description of how Mary Wollstonecraft and others have given shape to her own thinking and feeling today, and especially her sense of the value of the peer reviewing experience:

Here is Chloe Anne Dixon’s vision of how the 21st century’s obsession with money and material goods destroys some of the most human qualities and how the 19th Century (Wordsworth and Dickens in particular) help to reveal how these tendencies can be counteracted:

Read Charlotte’s Great entry on discovering the significance of nature in human experience.

Read Mariama’s  wonderfully rich and detailed peer review that captures very well the changing characteristics of the century and makes some very interesting comparisons with our own times. I found particularly compelling your comparisons between our own COVID crisis and the crises being faced by our Russian authors. Great work overall!

Finally absorb Georgia’s passionate account of how reading 19th Century literature has helped to transform her experience in the 21st century- both with reference to the ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft and the Romantics

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