Australian Literature – Second Trawl through BLOGS 2021- Main topic – Students coping with Lockdown…

image courtesy of Francis Saad’s blog (see below)

Best blog on the impact of lockdown is Anaïs Woods’ reflections on the appearance of the cherry blossom in spring:

Zahra Salami’s take on the dramas she has had to face during lockdown. Thank you for your open and honest writing Zahra:

Sarah Vella’s powerful description of life under lock-down, the highs and the lows: :

Francis Saad’s amazing poem about lockdown called “Muzzled”:

Thank you Georgia for sharing your sense of how literature can be   “a guiding force, a portal of infinite possibilities” in these rocky times:

Verity Skala’s “Never-Ending Story of Never-Ending Lockdown”:

Angela Wei’s poem “Staying Inside”:

Izabella Wojtowicz’s powerful poem on the impact of studying Oz Lit from home:

Delaura Cauchi’s painfully comic depiction of how we all struggle to cope in lockdown:

Andrew Carloss’s reflections on the restrictions we all have to face, but how Henry Kendall (and others) can bring fresh air into our lives:

Meagan Carter’s powerful depiction of how a professional writer has to cope with lockdown:

Thanks Christine: trying to cope with a housefull of people:

Chloe Dixon, as a result of lockdown, finding ways of discovering more about the  Australian landscape through literature:

How Emily’s imaginary author copes with the negative impacts of lockdown:

Francis’s amazing poem about lockdown called “Muzzled”:

Ruby Taylor’s poem about all the things that she has missed during lockdown:

Isabel Toma’s description of nearly two years studying under pandemic conditions and the impact of this on her motivation:

Danny Lembryk’s poem “The shrill cry of the waterbird…” Powerful writing  using the rhythm of Kendall’s “The Bellbirds”:

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