Best Final Summative Blogs for Nineteenth Century Literature 2022

Hi All, it is with some real joy that I can post up these final blogs from one of my last two classes (the other being The Age of Shakespeare). These summative entries proclaim loud and clear that the experience of blogging as part of literature studies has profoundly enhanced our students’ experience of literature. They have been able to engage critically with texts, while at the same time developing their creative capacities in responding to texts with original creative works or through exploring the links between written texts and visual materials. A fabulous outcome for so many of our young students! Thank you All…. and to all of you, even those not represented in this list of the best, I wish you a wonderful, fruitful future in whatever sphere you carry forward your love of literature! Michael

Best Final Blogs in Nineteenth Century Liteature  blogs:

Best summative entry for its depth of the literature and for its searching exploration of the given topic. Thank you Tia! Great work! And don’t miss her excellent blog on the Fig Tree too:

Thank you Verity, for this very professional summative entry on your excellent work during the whole semester. Well constructed and very clearly expressed:

Gemma’s powerfully personal and honest reflection on the real difficulties of life and the ways in which studying literature, especially the Romantics, can bring real solutions to our current problems. Thank you for your bravery in bringing this out for all of us. We can all benefit from your insights into the way literature can be a source of healing. Thank you Gemma!

Thank you Lili for your clear and honest reflections on how studying literature with blogging has helped you…. A great entry….

And Lili’s great reflections on reading Charles Dickens:

Thank you for this fabulous Summative Entry Tess with its powerful sense of how the writers of the 19th Century are answering questions that we are still wrestling with today. Great work Tess:

And thank you Alexandra for this thoughtful summative comments on your experience in the unit. I especially enjoyed the way you were able to share with us the creative possibilities that blogging aloud you to express: Great work!

Thank you Angeline for your amazing survey of the work we have done together this semester. This is an uplifting summary of our time together:

Helena gives a powerfully direct account of how blogging has helped to free her creative and critical expression and enabled her to make much stronger connections with the literature and the ideas than a more conventional academic approach might have achieved. Thank you for sharing your clear observations about this Helena:

This is a really outstanding summative entry Ashleigh! Thank you for your thoughtful appreciation of all the literature studied this semester and your sense of how it can powerfully influence your and our lives in our own century. Great work!

Rebecca thank you for finding ways to link your experience of this unit with some of the real difficulties facing us all in the year 2022, with COVID and international war threatening the world’s stability. Thank you for your broad vision:

Thank you Lauren for this thoughtful and honest reflection on whether studying 19th Century Literature has helped you in the direction of sorting out the question “what is the meaning of life?” A huge question indeed, but your answer is beautiful and convincing!

Thank you Stephanie for making so clear how your experience of blogging in this unit has enabled you to interact with the material and your peers on so many different levels. Beautifully expressed! Thank you

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