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Most Promising First Year Blogs

HI All, here are links to the most promising first year (Oz Lit) Blogs. Enjoy some of this amazing creativity!

Oz Lit Week 2: Bobby Wabalanginy Fights Back!

We had a fabulous time exploring the core differences between the way indigenous Australians and European intruders experience the world around them. Kim Scott has done a fabulous job in using language that in its texture indicates the kinds of experience that his characters have. As a blog topic for next week,  Try to describe…

Welcome to Spring Semester, students in: Oz Lit, Twentieth Century & Visionary Blake

l am very much looking forward to working with you all in these three fabulous units. Oz Lit (otherwise known as Australian Literature) will take us on an amazing tour of the creativity produced in this, our, country over the past 200 years and more… Twentieth Century will engage us with the literature from around…