Shakespeare and the Renaissance ENGL210

Class of 2019 gathered around the Shakespeare Statue in Shakespeare Place outside the State Library in Sydney

Coronavirus perceived through the filter of Hamlet or Ophelia!

Students studying Shakespeare this semester have been asked to write a response to the global situation as perceived by Hamlet or Ophelia. This has led to some extraordinarily creative and heart filled descriptions of global condition from the perspective of our 2020 university students. Enjoy: Thank you Alexandra: To you, with love-Ophelia March 15, 2020The…

The Winter’s Tale 2020

This is one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays that brings into focus the talent that enabled him to show the world how art could be redemptive. This is the story of chaos created by human emotions (jealousy in particular here) and the way that art can be an agent in resolving some of the pain created…

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