First Week went smoothly

Hello all. I am quietly excited by how easily you have all taken to LiveJournal… like ducks to the water in fact (some slightly more nervously than others!). And already there is some creative stuff beginning to appear, both in the design of some pages and in the free-flowing content. I have enjoyed seeing you all- some for the first time- and some old timers for the second or third time. Now we all have to get our heads down and enjoy the reading that our units offer us. I have really enjoyed re-reading Kate Chopin, Alice Walker, Willy Cather and De Maupassant. Such a feast of experiences… uncomfortable, disturbing but vividly represented and provoking so many questions about how to live.
In Shakespeare we looked at some of the bards early sonnets and I was amazed again to see how his imagery seems to expand to take in the whole of human experience. I also enjoyed my romp through some of his greatest passages… I am looking forward here especially here to seeing how you will put your cut and colour into performing Shakespeare later in the semester.
In the 19th Century I always enjoy my re visitation to the world of William Blake. He is one of my all-time favourites and heroes. Daring to challenge the power structures and filled with an appreciation for life.
I am going with a friend on a 5.30 am start bush walk in the morning so I better pack my things and get organized… see you all next week….

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