Week Two

Hello all- I just found this interesting article about the Blogging craze in todays Herald. It is actually about LiveJournal and the recent take-over of this company. You will find this interesting reading at http://smh.com.au/articles/2005/02/24/1109180028938.html.
I am amazed at how much good material is being put up by all of you. This seems to be a space that many of you seem quite happy to fill. There are of course a few teething problems, but as I have said to many of you, LiveJournal has a great help line with a huge community of helpers troubleshooting any difficulties you may have. Just go to the HELP menu and scroll right down to the bottom where it says “Ask a Question”. You will get an answer back usually within 12 hours. You can also search the FAQ’s yourself. There are a heap of issues listed that will probably address your particular difficulty.
I have had a great day promoting Romanticism with the second years. This is my favourite period with its iconoclastic vision of what might be possible for the human race. Wordsworth’s wonderful challenge to a merely intellectual education strikes at the heart of what all we literature students are on about. We know there is a different way of responding to the world than the merely analytical and factual. Poetry, novels, drama provide a gateway to a richer, fuller experience of life… one that is not based merely in the head, but in the body, the feelings, the five senses…. Wordsworth really understood this in his “Tables Turned”.

I had the great fortune this evening of going for a rather dangerous scramble down a steep escarpment with my dog Molly and my brother Robert. In the hot of the evening we made a beeline for a cool, sequestered creek. We could hear the water ringing over the rocks down below, but we had to negotiate some pretty treacherous rock falls to get down there. On several occasions we had to lift whimpering Molly down onto the next level. Down there, at the falls there was another world. Miles from the traffic sounds; cool and damp and dim. Very Wordsworthian in fact…. This has physically exhausted me… tired but contented. See some of you tomorrow.

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