End of week 2

Hello all!
It is around 2am (I am in my insomniac mode!). With my 14 year old daughter we watched “Nicholas Nickelby” on DVD. This is a truly amazing film and I recommend it especially to my 19th Century students because it gives such a graphic depiction of the conditions of 19th Century England as well as a very good insight into Charles Dickens’ main concerns: his hatred of all the self-important people in English society; his love of those free thinkers who could bring the self-important people to justice. In this book/film there is an episode about a travelling theatre that features our own Barrie Humphries (of Edna Everidge fame). The travelling theatre is rather like the circus that will you find in Dicken’s novel “Hard Times”. It is a place of freedom and fun away from the “Mind-forged manacles” of English society…
I am quite excited about how many of you are taking to all this on-line stuff like ducks to the water… a good simile here I think. Yes there are the occasional panics and screams “I am computer illiterate”… but I think we are sorting most of these problems out.
What I like most is that the internet extension to our units seems to be transforming a situation where we would meet for our tutorial once a week and each say a sentence or two (if we are lucky) into a sentence where many of you are finding a home for your thoughts about your reading… and are getting PAID for doing so! (by paid of course I mean you are notching up marks towards your final grade)… and you are becoming, by the hour and minute more and more computer literate…. that can’t be a bad thing.
What do you reckon… the mumblings of an idealistic, over-enthusastic comput-a-holic, or a grain of truth in there somewhere? Let me know as you go….
and back to bed!!

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