Another couple of key ideas

To make LiveJournal into a more flexible, even more creative tool… I would love to hear from those of you who have mastered the insertion of visual images into LiveJournal. We could all benefit from this. Maybe if you have some simple, clear ideas here you could put them into the LiveJournal Tricks and Traps Discussion Forum in WebCT.

Also you may have heard that I have started a number of separate communities within LiveJournal where those keen to work together on their poetry, their stories, their film reviews etc etc… can have a clear friendly space to deepen and develop their interests… The communities so far are: poetrywcom (Poetry Writing Community)l kulchurk (KulcherClub); bookrc (Book Review Community); shortstoryc (Short Story Community.

That’s all so far. It will be interesting to see whether any of them “fire”. One of the potential features of these communities is that they can transcend unit or year boundaries… or even the boundaries between staff and students…. but let’s for the moment see what happens within the bounds of our units…..
Have fun

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