Start of the New Semester

Welcome all- back from weeks of indolence and ease!
Just joking; I am sure you have all been working very hard either earning money or preparing for this semester.
I am myself very much looking forward to this semester and to trying out some new teaching strategies….so be patient with me! I am working in units on Australian Literature, Twentieth Century Literature and William Blake’s Poetry and the impact of his ideas on some modern writers.
In all this I am sincerely hoping that together we can find more and more ways of making meaningful connections between the literature we read and discuss and the experience of our own lives.

This is where I think LiveJournal, together with WebCT Discussion Groups can fulfill a real purpose, educationally and personally.

What I would love to see is more and more of you reflecting aloud on your reading and then weaving these thoughts into aspects of your own lives. How does this novel, poem or play reflect, amplify, inform your experience? How do they entertain you? I think it is a fact that LiveJournal allows us to be less formal, allows us to include our own experience and that, through this lets us relax, enjoy and understand more deeply. What do you think?
Let’s see if we can work together towards this common goal of deeper, more personal appreciation with less stress….

I have just spent nearly a week camping at South West Rocks just south of Coffs Harbour. The slight temperature difference between there and back here in Sydney gave the sense of being in spring: balmy winds, flowers coming out that we don’t see in Sydney till September and a quieter, less hurried pace… some wonderful butcher birds up there that sing a solitary, fluted sound… clean and clear…

and so to this week: Introducing the 20thC in all its pain and glory; introducing Australian Literature, indigenous and European… and introducing William Blake… my hero…. man of vision and laughter, artist and poet…. catch you all down the corridor this week sometime,
Cheers…. Michael

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