Computers and Spirituality!

Hello all- I am back in the land of the living (that is computer living!) My laptop has had its hard-drive replaced and I am ready to play russian roulette once more!
I must admit being without a computer for a few days has been like an amputation… but I have coped… and have actually tidied piles of papers on my desk which I never get near because the computer screen keeps screaming and demanding my attention!!!

However, let this be a lesson to everyone. I backed up all my data last Friday (onto and external drive) and on Saturday morning… after the long back-up process the Hard-Disk “fried”. I don’t know if that is a technical term, but it suffered catastrophic failure. And who knows why? The repairer said something about electrical surge….
At all events here is something you need to take on board:

Is a data backup solution part of your computer plans? Do you have a way to protect yourself if something goes wrong with your computer or data? Computers are a useful part of our lives but we don’t always protect ourselves from their loss be it fire, theft or hardware failure.

We often don’t consider how fragile our computer data really is. Do you keep sensitive information on your computer that you would be upset if you lost it? Not sure? Consider this. If I told you that I was going to format your hard drive right now and you will lose all of the information on your computer, would you be ready? Or would you need to get a few files first… If you are in the second group, chances are you don’t have a proper data backup solution in place to help you handle disasters. Lesson finished!

On another far more interesting topic, thursday last I took my daughter to hear an Aboriginal elder ( a woman by the name of MINMIA) speak about Aboriginal Spirituality. This was an amazing talk. Minmia spoke of the continuing traditions of spirituality in her community, but how it was very much under threat. I spoke to her about “Plains of Promise” and asked what she felt about the kind of pessimism at the end of that novel. She said: “it is all very fragile… much needs to be done to preserve our traditions. I was especially struck by her teaching that each day we need to really consider the possibility that it might be our last. If we look at each day like this then it makes a huge difference to how we treat people, events… everything in fact…. It gives a real edge to our experience, makes us profoundly grateful for each moment and more ready to give appropriate energy to the things that are most important in the day… rather than allowing our energy to fritter away in useless activities… and we all know how difficult it is to do just that!
More on this later.

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