ACU LiveJournal Communities:

So I have created a number of LiveJournal Communities to try and see how many fish any of these communities can catch. You are welcome to join any of them. The link below tells you how to join a community. It is very easy. You simply go to the community, then go to the link at the top of the Community Info Page and CLICK where it says Click here. Once you have joined go back to your own personal LiveJournal page. When you want to write in your personal journal just go to Journal/Update and write. But if you want to write in any of the communities you have joined then go to Journal/Update and before writing scroll to the bottom of the page and where it says POST TO: select the community you want to post to. You can of course also write in your personal journal and then copy/cut and paste into a community…. then you have the benefit of an entry in two places at once!!!

Here is the official LiveJournal description about communities:

And here are the Communities that are currently happening at ACU: Join one or more… the latest one (ACU LiveJournal Discussions and Debates’ Journal at: is an effort to get real debates on hot issues (literary or other) happening around the UNI… and please tell other students to join… it does NOT need to be confined to our select Literature Students… although we do know that we ARE rather special!!!! So let’s see how all this takes off…. please send me feedback through WebCT email. Would also be very happy if anyone wants to share in the management and strategizing for any of these journals… all of which are designed to get us writing and thinking… collaboratively.

ACU LiveJournal Discussions and Debates’ Journal

ACU Poetry Writing Community’s Journal

ACU Book Review Community’s Journal

ACU Short Story Community’s Journal

BlakeBlog’s Journal

Here’s some other stuff really worth reading:

Firstly a couple of reviews about LiveJournal:

Here’s an article about Washington Uni students who are using LiveJournal to build a Uni-wide Debate/Discussion Forum

Check this one out too (a site dedicated to news about LiveJournal) – the picture in this one is apparently made up of all the new LiveJournal photos of new users. On the site you can click on it and enlarge each image… I have not yet found my face!:

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