Donna Mulhearn etc

Hi all- went to this amazing talk by Donna Mulhearn last Sunday. Her web site is:
She has an extraordinary tale to tell about her decision to go to Iraq just prior to the American invasion to become a “Human Shield” as a way of protecting essential services for the local residents. She is a journalist by trade who spoke of her “conversion” where she felt impelled to DO something about the human tragedies on the world stage. She spoke of her experience of Iraq before the invasion describing Baghdad as a wonderfully cultured and gentle city with music and poetry on the street corners… a country steeped in the cultural heritage of many thousands of years of civilization. She was horrified by the way our Western Press typecast Iraq as a third world country harbouring terrorists. She saw this typecasting as a blatant distortion of information by the Press Barons (like Rupert Murdoch) who were keen to get as much support in the West for Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. She went on to describe the way Iraq is now nearly totally destroyed and that the situation there is getting worse and worse rather than better (as our Press seems to be telling us). Her current agenda is to raise awareness of the facts and get people in Australia and America to lobby governments to get out of Iraq. She was also one of the women who camped outside “Camp David” (Bush’s Holiday Camp) in solidarity with an American woman who had lost her 20 year old son in Iraq. The woman was wanting to confront Bush about the unnecessary death of her son…
Donna Mulhearn’s talk ended with the sobering reminder that SHE may well be in line to be questioned by police empowered by the new anti-terrorist laws!!!!
And she is a good, God-fearing, peace loving Christian!
PS…. She was asked in Iraq why Australia was taking part in the war in Iraq. She answered that many, if not all Australians did not support the war in Iraq but that our government was wanting to bring democracy to Iraq. She received a sobering reply: what kind of democracy is that doesn’t listen to its own people who marched in their thousands against the Iraqi invasion.


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