Hannah thunders up the stair
Blunders in her nightdress to the fridge
“Milk! No Milk!
Why is milk never there
When Breakfast calls me loudly up the stair!”
Dad, dad I’m hungry
Can’t we think ahead
And get what’s needed before we go to bed!

Why is every morning just like this
I stagger up the stairs into a mess
No plates, no spoons
The dishes are not done
And now there’s no damn milk
Oh I can’t cope!
Dad, Mum let’s get this place controlled
Let’s be a functional family before we’re all real old.

I’ll do the dishes
Dad you go and get the milk
& Mum you clean and tidy
Then the day can get a move on
And we won’t be so distressed.
Dad, dad, the milk… the milk!

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