Great Entries from Autumn 2009

I am doing my grand T R A W L through LJ Autumn/Winter 2009. Here is a growing stock pile of some fabulous, thought-provoking entries. I am so pleased that "Blogging" has paid off so handsomely for most of the the literature students engaged in this activity. Next semester (for good or ill) we are all going to have to move to "WordPress" which has become the uni’s mandated blogging program. Could be some wins for us all in this process… but I will still be keeping my LJ alive alongside (and I have just discovered some interesting programs that allow you to blog in WordPress and LJ simultaneously (interesting???) More of this later: for now- Here are some great first year entries- but you may only be able to see them if you are "friends" (or if "they" are public)…. Ciao:

By the way- so many of you in your journals are preoccupied with the question of love versus lust. There was a wonderful program addressing this issue recently on the ABC. Rachel Kohn’s "The Spirit of Things". Have a listen- you won’t waste your time:

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