First Year Trawl Completed

 Here are the top 6 first year LJs for the first half of 2009:


I would just like to share with you also this reflection from one of you (who I will leave as anonymous –unless he or she wants to be publicized- ). I thought this nicely and informally summarized many of your experiences this semester:


“Well, the first semester at uni is coming to an end and I must say that it wasn’t like anything I expected it to be. Actually, I never had any expectations to begin with, so what the hey. For my last uni related LJ entry, I’ll just go through what I liked and disliked about this semester (I’ll mainly be referring to Literature):

(gah, I wanted to use a table but I don’t know how to use it, lol).

so i herd u liek mudkips LIKES

The Internet! :3 self explanatory (lame)

Expanding on my analytical and creative writing, it was/is really fun. The exposure of our works on the Internet for other people (our class) to critique made me appreciate writing even more; it didn’t seem like a chore but a hobby. My confidence in writing has increased dramatically throughout this course and I’ve truly enjoyed reading the works of the people in my class.

The range of texts we went through in class; annotating in our text books was blasphemous at first, though. Too bad I hardly wrote anything original apart from obscure pop/movie/television/music/historical/geographical references. Or the dead cat I saw when I was four or five (unfortunately I am being serious). All in all, I now have some history with my text book πŸ˜€

Keeping a common place book made me appreciate life even more, especially when walking to the train station at 6.30am on Wednesdays. I certainly don’t live in the flashiest or environmentally beautiful town, but I’ve come to appreciate and take notice of the most little of things (…I did this before I even had a common place book, although writing what I saw in a book is more worthwhile and cheers me up whenever times are bad). ‘Twas great πŸ˜€

People πŸ™‚ Everyone’s awesome d^_^b

boo-urns DISLIKES

The Internet >:((( 1. Using it for uni has made me even more addicted to the Internet than before OTL; 2. Because of some previous malfunctions, I have lost some marks lol. Oh well, that’ll just have to make me work harder to make up for what I’ve lost ^_^

Some bad days got to me D< it can’t be helped and it can’t be fixed, so focus on what’s on ahead rather than what’s right next to you?

To anyone out there: good luck with everything! And if you’re going to uni and you have exams at the moment, I wish you all the best!

Can’t wait for the holidays yeahhh! Aaaaand semester two!”

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