Suggestions for Entries Week 5

HI all- this has been a busy week for us all. Now how to bring real focus into your experience of literature this week. For Blakeans I believe it is time for you to write a short piece on Blake’s sexual radicalism. Do you think he is still challenging in today’s society? Or perhaps you might like to take one of his deep psychological poems (like “The Poison Tree”) which was discussed in the film and create your own version of such a situation in poetry. Why not give it a try? Nothing to lose!

This, by the way, is Blake’s self-portrait of himself as a laughing demon!

And my Australian Literature crew- I think it is time for you all to digest some of those powerful and confronting ideas that were presented in the plays we saw last week. Try writing in the voice of one of the characters that you felt you disliked most. Can you taste something of their personality in your own voice. Why not give this a try. It can be a wonderful way of discovering your own hidden thoughts about a subject.

And please remember in your Literature Journal you are at liberty to write or create whatever you wish as long as it has some tangential relation to the work we are doing in the literature unit. And please start making your WordPress Blog a thing of beauty. Try importing images and video clips… experiment to make your Literature Journal something that you will be really proud of at the end of the unit. And remember you will be able to export this Journal into and/or LiveJournal once the unit is finished.

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