Suggestions for Entries Week 6

Blakeans have entered the complex and paradoxical world of Innocence and Experience. How can Experience, that sullying of the purity of innocence, actually be the gateway to the innocence that the human spirit desires? Can you write a short prose piece or even a poem that captures this paradox…. and do we have any artists out there who can -Blakeanwise- illustrate their own work??? If you want a more straightforward but equally enlightening task, why not take any two radically different versions of the plates for any of the songs of I and E (you can find these at and discuss the ways in which these differences influence your understanding of any part of the poem they are related to……

OzLiteans: Draft a short letter to Alexis Wright and tell her how her novel Plains of Promise has helped you to see the Aboriginal situation with new eyes. Tell her exactly, as a friend, what you have liked and what you have not liked about the way she has presented her narrative.
Based on your insights into Indigenous Art and Literature over the last two weeks write a paragraph which reflects on what you have discovered: what do you now know that you did not know before? Have you been surprised by the creativity you have touched -if only briefly…..

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