Suggestions for Entries Week 7

Hi Folks- remember that you now have time extended to 11.59pm Saturday to get your entries for each week up and tidied.
For this week our Blakeans could dramatize Earth’s answer to the summons given to it by the Bard. Use your own words and your own language. How does Earth feel? What does Earth experience as it is being told to wake up! Or you might reflect on an experience in your own life where a bond of friendship has helped you to overcome some real communication difficulty… I am thinking here of Blake’s “The Poison Tree”… do you have any parallel experiences in your own life that you might turn into a poem?

O Earth O Earth return!…
Night is worn,
And the morn
Rises from the slumberous mass…..

OzLiteans…. I strongly suggest thinking about the relationship of birds to human life from your own experience. What meaning do birds have for you? How do they interact with your experience. Can you write down a series of attributes of the birds that you know- what you like and what you don’t like… and then possibly shape these into a poem or a reflective prose passage.
Or you might like to think about what the cartoonist Michael Leunig meant by this poem he wrote about Birds in his own life:

Magpie, magpie, dive on me,
Swoop down from your holy tree;
As I pass the flower bed
Stick your beak into my head.

Magpie, magpie, make a hole,
Through my head into my soul;
As I pass beneath the sun
Bring my troubled head undone.

Magpie, magpie, it is spring,
Is my soul a happy thing?
As I pass around the tree
Make a hole so you can see.

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