Ideas for Literature Journal in Week 3

Great to see so many of you posting up excellent content on the reading and ideas of the last few weeks. It is also good to see the number of constructive comments that are being produced for your peers.
Next week we move with the 19th Century Group to the Art Gallery of NSW for an introduction to the art world of the 18th and 19th Centuries.
So here are a few topics that you might consider for this week’s journal
1/ Be John Keats (or Percy Shelley) and write an appreciative letter to your friend telling him how much you have enjoyed a particular stanza of one of his poems. (Or if you are Keats you might like to express your appreciation of Shelley’s essay defending the value and importance of poetry.
2/ Be Mary Shelley. Tell your husband how much you value what he has expressed in “Ode to the West Wind”. What is it that you find so valuable in the way your husband has expressed himself.
3/ Be either Keats, P. Shelley or M. Shelley. Write a paragraph describing the scene outside the place you live using the language of the late romantics to express your wonder at the value of the simple things in nature.

We go to the Gallery and the Library, not next week, but the week after (on the 31st)… so please don’t get there a week early!
Here are some questions for your Literature Journal this week:
1/ Be Viola and write a prose monologue describing your confused and mixed-up feelings at having to be the go-between for a man that you love and woman that loves you. Can you imagine in your description how you might get yourself out of this mess?
2/ Write a short critical summary of all the versions (cinema and stage) of 12th Night that you can find on the internet. Do any particular productions stand out as worth more than the rest? What seem to be the criteria for judging this excellence?
3/ From the position of a modern man or woman write a brief argument about how your sex is far more capable of effective love than the opposite sex. Draw on your own experience and illustrate with specific examples.

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