Art Gallery Time!

Then Nineteenth Century group went to the NSW Art Gallery to explore Romanticism and Victorianism against the background of the Enlightenment. Thank you all for making the visit stimulating and enjoyable. I will post a few images below to help you formulate your own Literature Journal entry for this week. Remember this is a really important entry because it will form a core component of your e-Portfolio. Use the study questions as a guide for what you might decide to write about in your journal… and remember you must comment each week on at least one other student.
So second years have their Literature Journal Topics for this week… (with pictures down below- and please feel free to copy them as you need them!).

Third years – with William Shakespeare: how about attempting a pair of poems – modelled on Marlowe and Ralegh which shows the two sides of Love in the 21st Century. How does the man woo the woman? How does the woman respond? Have things changed at all since the 16th Century? Write your poems in prose if you wish…. As an alternative topic you might like to write a love letter from one of the key characters in 12th night to the person he or she desperately wants… worth a try: nothing to lose…. and remember you are entirely at liberty to make up your own topics each week if you wish.

Here are some key images from today’s excursion (and please note that I am uploading the audio accompaniment to these slides into Blackboard under Audio Lectures…..
Gp2gp1GloverUIswaterGlover TasmaniaIphigeniaLukeFeldesetcMadoxBrownChaucerSheba&SolomonVonGuerardMilford

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