Welcome to Clemente Students at Nagle (St Vincents) Campbelltown

Hello all. This is the place where you can come to get ideas each week for what to write about and where you can also come to connect with each other and with other students studying literature at Australian Catholic University. You can easily create your own blog space by simply going into the WordPress icon and then following all the prompts until you get to “New Post”. That is when you will say a page just like this one, where you put in a heading and then write your poem, story or commentary on whatever we have been reading.
But be sure to press the blue “Publish” button on the right hand side of the screen before you leave your post- otherwise you will lose everything you have written!
As a way of encouraging your own creativity, you are also permitted to write about and share important experiences in your own lives. But remember that what you put up here can be read by all (unless you make it private- and that, in some way, defeats the purpose of this on-line writing). Hopefully others in our group, and even others from on campus at Australian Catholic University, will interact with you and give you feedback on your writing. Good luck… and if you have any questions at all then the best way to get me is through the Blackboard Mail Box…. which I will show you how to use in class.
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