Suggestions for Week 10

Hi productive writers all: Tolstoy for second years in the last two weeks has produced some wonderful tutorials and great sharing of ideas in lectures.
For WordPress – if you are in a critical mode then please describe in your own words what you think Tolstoy is trying to convey to his readers through this agonizing portrayal of a man on his deathbed.
If you are feeling creative then either write a letter to Tolstoy telling him how you value his story OR write a letter in the voice of Ivan himself, explaining to his wife and family how he feels about them in his dying moments.

If you have found yourself deeply engrossed by “Master and Man” then write a brief story, from the horse’s perspective, about human nature as you see it!

Trusted third years. How about writing a letter from Troilus to Diomedes. How would you feel if a young man from a neighbouring country was suddenly invested with your darling! Or perhaps as Cressida you might write a short piece describing your feelings now that you are finally out of the hands of Troilus and your lecherous uncle Pandarus.

Pandarus with Troilus and Cressida

Pandarus with Troilus and Cressida

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