Winter is upon us! But the Bush is still a fabulous place to enter…

Made it to the top of the ridge above Galston, early on Saturday morning. The air was fresh and there were beautifully icy mists swirling up from the Gorge to the valley tops (click on all images to get stunning resolutions): IMG_0305

On the ridge tops there was an amazing array of winter flowering plant life: Hakea Sericea, Banksias of all kinds,Lambertia Formosas. So this is Sydney where winter is filled with spring flowers!

Untitled 2.001But the most exciting find was the scarlet Grevillea Punicea, there was a whole area filled with these brilliant rider spider flowers, here striking against a background of “port wine” Banksias:

Grevillea Punicea with Banksia

The scribbly gums all along the top of the ridge are miraculous, both in the colour and texture of their bark and in the extraordinary way they survive being burnt: twisted shells of trunks intertwine and create swivelling art works still pulsing with life:


And on the way down again to Galston Gorge itself the mist has wreathed all the thousands of spiders webs in the hakeas and the she oaks, bringing their existence into focus:Spiderswebs3

Now we have reached down to the level of the Gorge as it twists its way towards Crosslands and Berowra Waters….The Gorge

  2 comments for “Winter is upon us! But the Bush is still a fabulous place to enter…

  1. May 31, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Great visuals. Love the pics

  2. May 31, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Very Beautiful. I reminisce about the times I was still able to wander amongst the gums. I still believe that it is on the scribbly gums that God writes his poetry to us. If only we could read it.
    I had the privilege of being part of ACU choir who hosted the Notre Dame choir this weekend. It was a pleasure to sing with them and to break bread, and share a meal. But it was also a pleasure to volunteer at their workshop yesterday, and listen to a short concert they gave in St Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday afternoon.
    I couldnt be out in natures gallery but I heard the wonderful sounds that God has blessed this choir and musicians with. I praise God that they have chosen to use their voices as God intended, for praise and worship of him.
    You and I have both had a blessed weekend. May there be many more.

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