Budjwa Bay: Muoagamarra Nature Reserve Near Cowan, NSW- Early Sunday Morning Walk

The image at the top of this site is Budjwa Bay as it manifested itself on this cold, wet winter morning. But the stillness, the freshness was deafening, except for the multi-coloured calls of the Lyre Birds from across the water. Here is a place to sit and absorb the quiet round about and hear the quiet inside. What a gift this morning was -together with the gentle rain! On the way down to Budjwa there are towering Angophoras (Sydney Red Gums) overlooking one arm of the Bay. The subdued light at this time of the morning brings out the strong greens and yellows against the softened, cloud-cast sky. ABovebudjwaHere is a video turning 360 degrees on this very spot – be careful not to lose your balance: 

A little further down I spotted the first flowering grass tree spear, Xanthorrhoea Australis. This was a real surprise as I was not expecting this till a little later heading into spring. But the Sydney bush is always full of surprises in winter! Go out into the bush once the winter solstice has passed and you might see hillsides covered in purple flowering Boronias!

FirstFloweringXanthorea Here finally down at the Bay itself, glimpsed through silver flowering Wattles (probably Acacia Delebata- although an expert will probably contradict me!) BujwaFringedwithWattles Now down at the edge of grand Budjwa Bay, facing north towards Cobar Point and on to Broken Bay, click on this panoramic image and soak in the silence and the gently falling rain.


As you guessed, teaching has stopped for a while, so I can indulge some of my other passions! But, I hasten to add, the marking has not stopped!

Over and out.

  1 comment for “Budjwa Bay: Muoagamarra Nature Reserve Near Cowan, NSW- Early Sunday Morning Walk

  1. June 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Thanks professor for transferring that elaborate experience, unto paper, and then us… The reader. I felt as though I was actually there… The serenity and peace, with nothing more than nature, echoing in the distant background.

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