Best Blogs from OZ LIT 2016

Hi All, I have a fabulous bag full of wonderful OZ LIT ePortfolios for you to enjoy. These are the very best of the bunch; all earned a High Distinction for their efforts. There is some wonderful material here reflecting on the literature and art of Australia from ancient times right up to the present. Students had to answer the question: “What insights has your study of Australian Literature and Art given you into the importance of creativity as part of human experience?” Thank you all (that is the whole class!!) for the hard work you have put in making your ePortfolios such a rich resource, showcasing your creative and critical talents:

Robert Dixon

Nigel Graves

Keiran Head

Prarthana Karmachary

Felicity McMcmanus

Natasha Prudnicki

Suzanne Solaiman

Jamie Vo

Claire Williamson



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