Best Shakespeare Plus 2016 ePortfolios

There have been some fantastic ePortfolios from students completing their Shakespeare Unit this semester. Plays covered included Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear and The Tempest along with the bard’s sonnets and miscellaneous poetry from around Shakespeare’s time. Students had to consider the ways in which Shakespeare’s art still speaks to our experience in the twenty first century. They all had the opportunity of seeing Bell Shakespeare’s production of Romeo and Juliet which presented a powerful sense of how the world in chaos at the time of Elizabeth 1st was a mirror of what we see around us in the world today. Behind all students’ thinking was an underlying theme: how poetry, creative drama, music, painting provide ways of understanding and transforming experience taking us beyond the destructive, materialistic, quantitative ways of thinking that keep humanity in chains.

Enjoy these wonderful ePortfolios: click on Shakespeare PLUS (some of these students have ePortfolios that embody a range of other literature units):

Caitlyn Tuckerman

Kirsten Federico

Nigel Graves

Tabitha Kottaridis

Christina Rujicica

Annie Watson

Morgan Bailey

Sibel Erkan

Asiya Trad

Claudia Howes


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