Top 19th Century Lit ePortfolios ACU 2016

There were some truly outstanding ePortfolios in this group of ACU students celebrating their experience and insight into the work of Romantic poets and the fiction of Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Tolstoy among others. The focus questions underpinning these ePortfolios were

Writers and artists in the 19th Century were preoccupied with trying to solve the question “what is the purpose of life on earth?” As an inhabitant of the 21st century how convincing did you find their answers?

There were many superlative responses to these questions: Enjoy!

These ePortfolios all scored High Distinctions and they are in rank order from the top down.

Caitlyn Tuckerman

Morgan Bailey

Audrey (Samantha) Bowles

Margrete Ilia

Emily Nelson

Tabitha Kottaridis

Sarah Thornton

Asiya Trad


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