William Blake: The Songs

Blog Topics for Week 3 – Based on Weeks One and Two



1/ Take the first line of any one of Blake’s poems (looked at so far in the unit) and write your own poem celebrating a new insight that you have had as a result of listening to Wiliam Blake.


2/ Present a mini digital kit that introduces Allen Ginsberg as a powerful exponent of all that Blake represents and chose (and introduce) a few youtube videos featuring Allen Ginsberg’s singing/ talking about William Blake’s poetry.


3/ Tell your friends which of William Blake’s songs you have enjoyed/ understood most so far. Give reasons for your choice and try to inspire them to read more William Blake.


4/ Say in your own words how Blake’s two songs about nurses show two radically different ways of being in the world.


5/ Describe an experience of your own that, like Allen Ginsberg’s, took you into a new understanding of what is important in your life.

Spring has sprung in Sydney: 


  1 comment for “William Blake: The Songs

  1. JZ
    August 13, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    These are fantastic, MG.

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