Bush Walk to Cobah Point 11/09/2016

The Bush track to Cobah Bay starts around 10 kms north west from Arcadia:


If you have not seen the spring flowers around Sydney yet this spring, then please follow me on this amazing journey: 18 kms in around 6 leisurely photo-filled hours!img_6253

The spring flowers on this particular walk are spectacular. They are the best I have seen anywhere around Sydney. Especially stunning are the pink wax flowers (Eriostomon Australis) which crowd the tops of all the rocky escarpments.


Here we are overlooking the last stretch of Berowra Creek with Cobah Point directly behind me. We met the “owner” of Cobah Point who is trying hard to sell this remaining piece of freehold land to the National Parks. He told stories of the joys and pains of living out here in the bush away from civilization.img_6292

A video glimpse of the lanscape and flowers around Cobah Point

And the Grevillea Punicea- these brilliant red icons of the Australian bushimg_6237

And, wait for it, these utterly sensual bush creatures, the Gompholobium Latifoliuam. Fancy being blessed with such an obscenely sensual name, and such astonishingly alluring features! These have all burst out in the last week from tiny little black pin heads. img_6239

Spiky Wattles, flowering and seeding at the same time:img_6242

A stand of pink wax flowers floating against the pink trunk of a Sydney red gum (Angophora)img_6244

Utterly alluring “wedding bush” – some kind of mertacae (I think)img_6245

The second of the Sydney Boronias to have emerged in the last month. In July and August we had Boronia Ledifolia, now this one (perhaps Heterophylla)img_6248

Wax flowers etched against rock and Berowra Creek belowimg_6264img_6276

And this amazing Sydney Red-gum (Angophora) which often takes these wierd and wonderful shapes as it wrestles itself against rock ledges. img_6280

Just take a look down the trunk, how it pushes up between rock facesimg_6282

It is almost human in its musculature!img_6286

And this is one rock ledge which was just covered in pink Eriostomon(s)img_6287


Pea flowers aboundingimg_6316

And this rare Grevillea, yellow in its tiny flower, that I have never seen before img_6318

Spectacular, huge bushes of Grevilliea speciosa, the brilliant red ones… img_6320img_6321

Wattles cascading over the pathimg_6323

And this was once a fire trail but was closed off by Bob Carr last century. Here is the remanant of an FJ Holden that must have ventured down here in the late 50simg_6326

Grevillea Alba perhaps?img_6328

Views north across the mouth of Berowra Creek into the Hawkesbury and Pelican Islandimg_6331

Panorama shot of sameimg_6332

Under the lip of one of the rocks this wonderful fully flowering button orchid growing virtually straight out of the rock face. img_6333

Another Angophora holding itself steady by suckering onto the rock raceimg_6337

Wax flowers pinkly embracing an embarrassed red gum (Angophora)img_6341

Wow: Beronia Ledifolia (just finishing) embracing a tall pink wax flower with yellow pea flowers peeping out below. What a picture!img_6350

All-time favourite: Grevillea Punicea – focussed close-upimg_6369

Boronias and Gompholobium hugging the track sideimg_6372img_6374

Isopogons in full flower (two types on this track: anethifolius (this one)  and anemonifolius


Stunning showing of pea flowers against a dead grey gum trunkimg_6377

Wax flowers in their final blaze of gloryimg_6381

Fine leaved Geebung in their obscenely luscious fruiting phaseimg_6382

The Sydney Rose, Boronia Heterophyllya (am I right?)img_6385

And here the larger bush. This is the only one we saw on the whole trip. Quite a rarityimg_6388

Three pea flowers together: Gompholobium, Bossiae and ??img_6391

More Isopogons- they are really stunning just nowimg_6396

And the grand finale: Punicea and Gompholobium…. And we did not see a single walker on this track! Amazingly solitary, amazingly beautifulimg_6403

  1 comment for “Bush Walk to Cobah Point 11/09/2016

  1. September 11, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Thanks for taking the journey for those of us who can no longer walk it. Your pictures are amazing. Much appreciated.

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