William Blake: What Has He Meant to Me Personally?

William Blake

Hi All,

I plan to expand here on the many aspects of Blake’s work that have inspired me in my life and in my teaching. But if I put my ideas down here they may steal your thunder- and you have already heard so much in class about what inspires me about Blake. But I will come back to this topic later in the week and expand upon it.

But first it is your turn! Try as best you can, to express in prose or in poetry, what it is about William Blake’s poetry, painting and engraving that has inspired you most. This is a kind of challenge to write something informally on the subject, because I do know that you are all busily engaged in a more formal expedition on writing about Blake (in your major essays). So please, segue (I love that word) from your formal academic writing into this less formal space and express something about what Mr William Blake has meant to you personally. That is it! That’s this week’s Blog topic- our last week on William Blake (but we will of course be coming back to him through the windows of Patrick White and David Malouf). I look forward to seeing what comes……..



How do you like this amazingly mobile illustration that Blake did for one of the pages in his illustrations for Young’s Night Thoughts- freedom enchained:08-william-blake-night-thoughts_900

Pondering on this painting, I am amazed how powerfully it illustrates ideas that we have been discussing for weeks now. For instance  “Joy and Woe are woven fine”, “Without Contraries is no progression”… Is’nt this image of a flying angel with a musical instrument, restrained at the feet by a chain a powerful image of just these contraries that we have been exploring???

Last Lecture on Blake for 2016:


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