Spring Semester 2017: Wild flowers are OUT in the bush around Sydney.

Hello and welcome to all students in my Australian Literature (ENGL102), Reading Australia (ENGL328), American Literature (ENGL204) and Exploring Literature- Clemente (ENGL104). A special welcome to this last group who will be studying literature for the first time at Mission Australia in Surry Hills. These are students who are completing a Diploma in Liberal Arts with the hope that when this is completed they can enter ACU as degree students- and we have quite a few of the Clemente Graduates with us already! So welcome all!

This semester we are covering an amazing range of texts, ideas and literary experiences and I am looking forward to working with you all starting THIS WEEK.

This is the place where you will need to come each week to select a blog topic and where you will also pick up some useful additional tips about the content of the unit as it evolves each week. I try to give a brief synopsis of some of the best things that have happened during the week as well as sharing with you any new sources of information that come my way.

I am also looking forward very much to seeing the way that your own Blog sites evolve and especially at the way that you interact with your own peers through the weekly reviews that you have been asked to write. This often helps to create a really valuable dynamic that complements the few hours that we spend in class together. You will also find that your blog posts become an invaluable source of information for your end of semester revision when it comes to preparing for your exams…. so ENJOY!

Incidentally the flowers in the banner up top are Sydney Boronias (Boronia Ledifolia), Scarlet Grevillieas (Grevillia Punicea) and – my very favourite- Eriostomon Australis (or the Pink Waxflower)

You can see all these in the bush around Sydney right now: I can strongly recommend a visit to any of the National Parks around the City: Don’t miss out- the flowering season is on now- for at least another couple of months.


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