Bush Walk to Collingridge Point August 6th 2017

Collingridge Point is in the Marramarra National Park in the western flank of Berowra Waters, the side that used to be inhabited by the Darug tribe. The opposite shore was inhabited by the Guringai. This walk is one of the most wonderful wildflower walks in the region and to cap it, when you come to the view over Collingridge Point at the end you meet Sydney’s most photogenic Angophora, perched high above a cliff edge, at the foot of a huge cave, with its roots burrowed somewhere in the rock:


The flowers on the way to this point were overwhelming in their density and variety; boronia ledifolia, grevillea speciosa, dylwinia and last but not least gompholobium latifolium (little black pods that burst out into amazingly luscious yellow lips):


And here is the view across the waters from Collingridge Lookout:


Today was an amazing Sydney winter’s day!


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